Wireless Zone Franchise - Look Before You Leap

Published: 31st May 2011
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Wireless Zone Franchise - As I was searching the web for a profitable venture, I looked into a Wireless Zone franchise. The opportunity looked exciting from the bias views of the company and loyal franchisees, but fortunately I found out something really important. Being the non-trusting person I am, I also searched for Wireless Zone franchise reviews. They halted my enthusiasm quickly. I found more than one Wireless Zone franchise for sale, but after reading the Wireless Zone franchise reviews, I was hesitant to jump into buying anything. There were quite a few complaints by people who had purchased a franchise.

I hate to admit it, but I'm an introvert. If you're a Wireless Zone franchise owner, it's clear that you have to be extroverted. So, that would never work for me. There are more introverts than extroverts these days, so if that's you, consider that point. Here are some more important things you need to know about any Wireless Zone franchise for sale:

•A Wireless Zone franchise store could cost more than $100,000.

•The contract model is outdated and loathed.

•The Wireless Zone franchise reviews reflect a high volume of negative views about service and products.

•Support is delayed and mediocre.

•The Disclosure Document is extremely long, confusing and may be interpreted in a way that it is misleading.

I'll admit, it was pretty disheartening. I had my heart set on this venture, only to find that it was clearly a very risky investment. So, I continued my search. I can't tell you for sure what the sequence of my search terms were, but I wound up on a page telling me about prepaid wireless businesses. Apparently, they're not hard to start. There are also pre-built businesses that people sell. I looked into this and found that some investors choose to build up a business and just sell it. That sounded pretty enticing. After all, who wants to waste all that time scrapping with competitors and trying to find new clients right away?

Now, in my comparison with prepaid wireless franchise opportunities, Wireless Zone franchise ratings are far worse. Companies such as Boost Mobile and Metro PCS not only offer much lower-priced products and services, but the overall quality seems to be much better. The part that people love the most is not being bound by a contract. These companies are fairly new and innovative, so they both offer more updated and attractive options. Not only are the customers' prices lower with prepaid wireless companies, but also the franchise purchase costs are much lower. Why is this? Part of it is due to less risk. With a prepaid cell phone, there is much less loss to cut out of the budget. With a society that is increasingly facing more and more bad debts and accounts that are not collectible, this is an excellent opportunity.

I believe that when you find something profitable and legitimate, it's good fortune to share the idea with someone else. My Google searches for "Metro PCS franchise" and "Boost Mobile franchise" proved to be much more productive than my findings related to a Wireless Zone franchise for sale or Wireless Zone franchise reviews. Although I'm sure there are some Wireless Zone franchise owners who are still making a profit, the "glory" days of this company seem to be over. It is much better to invest in stability and reliability. Rather than a Wireless Zone Franchise for sale, consider a great prepaid wireless franchise for a more attractive income.

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